Name : Gremlin1114

Fact : Gremlin1114 stated his radio broadcasting career his Senior Year at Berkeley High
Fact : Gremlin1114 stated his radio broadcasting career his Senior Year at Berkeley High


Aka: Skreallah , Skreall allah, Skrealladin , Skrealliosis , Skritch Skreallah Manilla , Sk Real Allah ,
J Money B , J Moolah , J monetary ,  Baby J , Jah Monsta ,  Don Gremleone , Gremladin , Grem , Gremlin , GreMr.Lin2u

Groups and affiliations
Past and present : SGB (Staright Getting Busy) , KS (Kayotik Stylist) , The Meta4s , Gattery Brothers , The Black Tape Gang , Club House , REVOLUTIONARY JOKER SQUAD (RJS) aka The Z Team , Team Terror , All Gas Crew , TNS , GFC , U.T.I. , Live Lyricist Societ (L.L.S) , Sons Of Chaos , RA (Rythmatic Armada) , Cytoplasmz aka Cyto P (sydo -p), Master Builders , B.O.T.B. (Bottom Of The Basement) , The Caliban

Skills: Emcee , DJ , Radio Personality ,Engineer , Writer , Actor , Graphic Artist , Producer,
Director and more.

Brief history
Coming out of the Bay Area. From Berkeley,California. Gremlin1114 has been making waves for a while now. From Emceeing to almost any other part the culture, has earned him the title from some as a Hip Hop Elemental. 1992 Berkeley High School is when he says he officially made his mind up to be a full-time participant in the culture. The same year a hip hop club known as the Live Lyricist Society (L.L.S.) Inspired by teacher Hodari B. Davis . This added to the platform on campus for expression of the culture. Being the school was already known as a meeting ground for cyphers throughout the day. Attracting artist that are known still today.
While participating with the LLS he took a radio broadcasting class his senior year. Being familiar with the studio, he used the class lab time to produce his first radio show . Debuting at lunchtime for classmates this confirmed his dreams being tangible.
During this time he met a local radio host named DJ Benny B from KALX Berkeley . Where he and his rap partner Natural Lee Dope would sit in on shows . Benny B seein the tanacity of the two then introduced them to Dj Mat Africa and made them part of the show giving them shout outs and introducing them to artist appearing on the show.
Two other great radio affiliates of KMEL Tamu and Sadiki came to campus . Noticing the talent they thought it would be great to have artist come and meet the students of the L.L.S. Yaggfu Front ,Nefertiti and Ed O.G. and The Bulldogs There were two groups that were remembered the most. The OutKast and The Wu Tang Clan
The Outkast were making their debut with Southernplayerlisticadilacfunkymusic. Came to the school and had a Q & A on the industry and the trials of being young artist. At the time the south was still blooming to some and they were mistaken as new students by almost all the student body.
Wu Tang Clan may have made left the biggest impression on the students as a whole. Interacting with the students up close. Raekwon The Chef and Ol’ Dirty Bastard got close to the students. Raekwon got in a cypher and answered questions as students walked up. As O.D.B. didn’t pull any punches and kept it very real by being himself and keeping respect at the same time. The youth got a in-depth view on the O.D.B. perspective with a one on one interview Little Larry and ODB
Another Wu Tang Clan member  Shyhiem mingled with L.L.S. members at KALX on the mic.
Growing up in a music environment watching his mother and other relatives perform . One place particular always stays on mind. A historical blues club known as The ‘Till Two. Musical expression seemed as a part of life not a talent.
When asked what made him say this is what i am going to do this his reply
“A long list of things!” Grem grins ” My first three battles and Two of my favorite artist for life PEP LOVE & JAY BIZ!”

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