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Delivering hat #7

So I decided to surprise the homie #monzy919 at work. I figured he would want to wear it to his next gaming event……which happens to be in a few hours.

#Fumble #Fumbliya #fumblerooskie Then he drops the box while opening it. Lol I was glad to see he was juiced The silly pose. Lol

Hat #5 and #6

Die’ze met up with me today and picked up his hats..I still got one more to do for him. @Die’ze thank you for your support and faith.

Gotta say peace !

Years of history !

As he would say #ThatNewFresh

Be sure to check for him on I.g. @disyfio

Grem Show 12-15 -17 interviews with Jak Pot and Vic Spencer


Jak Pot

Drops in to the Grem Show before his show . Only to get caught in traffic on the way here.


Also breaking the ice with Chi-Towns. Vic Spencer! Giving a bit of insight on being a artist from a city with a high crime and on recording with the god Sean Price.

( Truly apologize for any  sound distortion or bad quality throughout the show)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Grem Show Video Mix 1

The featured artist on this mix

Vic Spencer , Ray Sweets, Stony Creation , Nimsins , Show  (FHMG) , Little Larry , Real Ez Money , Jak Pot , A.D. Millz , Dub Esquire ,