BraveX Rockin’ A Truck



Monday evening in the summer August 2016. My phone rings, it’s Brave. “Yo what up with m ninja Grem! You were suppose to call me when you got there fool!” I reply “I just got here!” Brave says “See you in a sec!” and hangs up. By the sound of his voice I could tell he had that “Time to paint!” feeling. To help kill time and speed things up. I go and start buffing the truck.

He arrives as I just finished. Walking up with a brew in hand and his eyes focused on the truck. “Here you go ! ” I IMG_20160815_053914 say while pointing at the truck. “Damn ok! That shit is bigger than I thought !” He says with a grin. Then starts walking around the truck , looks at my piece on the other side. From previous experience I know the “Praise sandwich”   ( when constructive criticism is given with a compliment then an opinion finished with overall inspiring words ) is coming. It does as it is finished with ” I see you though ! My ninja Grem comin wit that fonk ahhh! Want a brew?”

He hands me the brew as he goes through his paint, Gazing at the wall with the can in his hand. Taking a few steps back, almost seconds later you hear the can shaking . As Brave looks like he is being pulled to the truck.wp-1471323407627.jpg
He starts rocking . The humble artist in him comes out as he turns to me asking my opinion.  The knowledge of the equality between us as artist, regardless of experience is a factor we constantly work on.

As the night goes on and the chill factor increased the fill starts to get fonkier and fonkier. Moving along , he steps back from time to time hitting a blunt analyzing his work.  He turns to me shakes my hand and says. “Thanks for bringing me out , I need this ! Been hard to paint since PRIZE has left.”





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