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I’m standing in the middle of the dive way at American Steel Studios (Am Steel) finishing up a sign for open studio day. When I hear “Seeeeee!” I turn to look it’s a couple Ulan and Sheri of the Unaverz Crew. I turn and nod .

IMG_20160609_021123 Ulan the driver rolls down the window a bit more letting the sounds of reggae dub eloquently ease out .  Looking at Sheri with a grin as she leans towards the driver side window saying “Nice!” Ulan with a smirk says “We may have a job for you! Can’t promise anything!” They drive a few feet and yells back “It’s up to this one!” Pointing at the passenger seat with his arm out the window. At that moment i got a rush from the excitement of the situation and nervous at the same time.

Up late as usual thinking of a pattern for Sheri’s request of a flower design. It hits me! I send it to Ulan and Sheri fortunately they a nocturnal beings of light simular to myself.

I get back to the shop and prepare after a longday traveling for paint and specific colors. The first thing I start on is the logo fo Farfalle Gustose. The various artist from metal workers to painters compliment and ask a few questions. I have a hard time being a fame hog because it has become difficult to answer some questions without history. Yeah i was a toy tagger at the begining of the 90s and got hooked on the studio. Where i actually re-Stare1 in early 2k . We never painted till he seen me throwin tags. (whole new story) I also have to shout out BraveX , Kufue , and Refa one for time and advice when I recently started painting. After explaing that to most. They usually watch. In this case most of them are artist and have to back to work.

I finish the first panel and let it sit after sending a pic to Sheri. The emojis were a good sign. Looking at the time sun rise was in a hour so i left. Feeling good i made this the routine for the rest of the panels i painted.

Moving forward. Hours before leaving . I anticipate the panels going up. Through the week Ulan was a constant reminder that I was part of the project. Every few hours i would here ” Sure you don’t want to go to Burning Man we got you a ticket!” Do to gentrification i couldn’t risk missing work and not paying rent.

Adding the final panel on the way out . they get ready to go . I wave and give hugs then see them drive off. I couldnt feel to bad about not being able to go. Due to feeling good that I was able to help. On the way out you shakes my hand from the car window then states “You sure you don’t want to go?!? Call me if you change your mind.” They move out as I watch the Farfalle Gustose logo fade as they drive off.

More pics and video coming soon.




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