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It’s August 24 2016. I wait with Stare for his ride. He kills time while on his phone. A car pulls up. It’s Thief. Some may have first seen his work in Kendrick Lamars video for his single Aight. screenshot_2016-09-22-20-05-58
We take a ride in after a few hits of a blunt,we see Colour adding apple green to his piece. Part of the nice production title Oakland Love and Peace. In the 50s of East Oakland. Cars do pass by with the booming system lol. As Stare is touching up the love part. A car pulls up bumping a song with lyrics that are the exact opposite of his love. Stare turns to me and says “With lyrics like that it doesn’t even sound like you rappin’! You just might as well be going down the street picking fights.” He laughs and continues to paint. The owner of the car slowly pulls off looking at the art. Stare character
Being blessed to see him paint more than a few times. It seems like Stare loves to cut the paint. He gracefully moves from across the piece what looks like random to most.
Few feet away Colour and Thief are at work.
Before my battery power got low. I filmed them on and Periscope. (Follow me Gremlin1114)
A lot of likes a few interactions and inquiries from a couple of viewers.
As they continue people go in and out of the corner store give them compliments. Stare says one of the reasons he paints is for the youth to see. Not to soon after he speaks a youngster gettin in the car pauses and yells “Yo that’s dooe!….for real! That shit is hella dope.” Panaramic stare thief colour tere kmba
He give them a humble thank you. Then like a seat in his home he sits on the sidewalk and continues. Colour finishes up and ask the two if they need any colors to finish up. Thief and Stare follow up shortly we pack up and cut.
I asked Stare a question that evening while smokin….(him on the phone lol)
“What do would you see as a goal for you to bring to the world of writing’?” He glances up for a sec and says without a pause. “The focus on hand styles. Not the garbage that’s seen today. Its therapeutic. It’s like a roller coaster. If people could do it they would to!”





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