We can focus pupil to pupil,
You see a young man,
That den been through more harder times
then a homeless man tennis shoes.
My blues!
Consist of bloodshed!
Petty thefts and happy high times turned
into arguments as kid.
Look closer and you can find,
Guilt,sorry anger and pride!
Go deep and peep the type of people I despise!
But some don’t pay attention.
They look my way and let dreads block they vision.
Then label Grem and picture some evil shit!
But being one half plus a Cyto
I conceived discipline!
Now ain’t allowed to trip like Crying Freeman.
When it comes down to it,
My iris opens up to let you know!
Be cautious!
This body posses an essence that’s able to erupt.
Some say eyes are the soul.
Sometimes mines roams the room with a vibe
that could lose control.
Many know this.
So then they stare or say hello!
Before they speak,
They eyes say “I feel you bro.”
Ones that don’t know it’s fresh and they just gotta get use to it!
Once they do they’ll start turning my nectar into juice!
Giving me pounds and hugs!
Yet my soul won’t let me hide the truth from you!
I nothing but ya folks…….
The one you might have to turn to

I Just can’t hide these feelings inside!
All these demons trying to take away my pride!
But I can’t hide
Eyes can’t hide.

This verse was written for a song called eyes. Sinestro E and Greywolf aka Greyfox were a group called Skitzofrantic before they became MP3.8 The chorus was written by Greywolf, The concept of the song was explaining how people look at you and judge you without making eye contact or knowing what’s going on with you in life.
We were young adults with the concept of seeing things people hide. Not knowing how young we actually were in life. I can say some of us may have taken for granted a lot of the science and psychology that made our songs had the answers to things we see as problems today!
The song was recorded on four track but i think it got canned due to difference of opinion between mp3.8



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